About Us

Andy Wasif, the company's founder, is a comedian and writer who has long been a student of sports rivalries. Growing up in Boston during the Curse of the Bambino, he was front and center for the contentious relationship with Yankees fans. After the Red Sox finally ended their 86-year drought, he wrote a trilogy of books highlighting the discourse between fanbases: "How to Talk to a Yankee Fan," "Red Sox University," and "Red Sox Fans are From Mars, Yankees Fans are from Uranus." 

The books have been given to passionate fans of both teams (sometimes as a gag) on holidays and birthdays. This led him to the idea of greeting cards to accompany the gifts and thus he created the first batch of Sports Rivalry Greeting Cards.

The original aim was solely to target the fans among whom he was raised, but soon they will incorporate all fans. 

Though the games are fun, the rivalries are more fun.